The Best Tips For Choosing A Recumbent Bike For Exercising

Working with a recumbent bike is very effective when you want to improve your leg muscles and stretch your thighs. This is a special type of machine for gym at home. A lot of families equip this bike and place it in their garden in order to practice every morning and enjoy the fresh air.

Las week, my family finished building our own gym room at home and we also bought one item that is considered to be the best recumbent exercise bike in the store. In the past, I also took part in a gym club but there was no bike of this type so I decided to build my own gym room and equip the machines I liked. In this article, I will provide you with more tips to help you choose a right recumbent bike for your home.

Recumbent Bike Features

Firstly, I will tell you more about the features of a recumbent bike. Before you come to the store to buy it, I feel certain that you search for it and read more reviews about it. However, the information may be saturated on the grounds that all of them are mixed. Therefore, today, I will make it clearer for you.

  • More Levels Of Preset Resistance

The recumbent bike brings more convenience for practicers on the grounds that it has 6- 8 levels for preset resistance. It means that you can bike with different levels and you can also recline with more positions. You can lie comfortably or recline with lumbar position.

  • Adjustable Knobs For Tightening Tension

The bike has the knob easy to adjust in order to tighten our tension. When we want to keep our back straight, we will have to control the knob in the control board to raise the reclining seat.

  • Large Configuration For Display All The Details

The display screen is large and the configuration is easy to operate. This helps us see all the details when we practice with this bike such as our heart rate, speed of biking and the amount of calories consumed.

  • Specifications

We should also pay more attention to some main specifications of a recumbent bike before buying. The bike dimensions are 31 x 22 x 12 (unit: inch). Its weight is about 64 pounds. When you purchase this bike, you have 12 – month warranty.

Have A Test For The Bike

Before buying, it is extremely necessary to notice the structure of this bike in order to have a careful test for it. The recumbent bike has good shape and design. Its structure is also sturdy, which helps you do biking exercises with the recumbent bike pedals. Here are more details about the structure to help you test it more quickly.

  • The Seat Back

The seat back of the recumbent bike should have a mesh layer for ventilation. This will help to release the sweat from our backs and its smell. In addition, with the mesh for ventilation, we will not feel hot when we recline on the back seat.

  • Seat Cushion

The seat cushion should insure the softness and firmness so that the comfort for us is improved. The material of the coat is important. Some types of material to cover to cushion seat are often hard, which makes us feel irritated and we do not want to sit on it anymore.

  • Wheels For Easy Moving

A recumbent bike is about 64 pounds so it is difficult for us to carry out so it is equipped with wheels for convenient moving. With these wheels, we only have to push it on the floor.

Start With Some Easy Exercises

After buying this recumbent bike, we can have more comfort. Firstly, we should find some exercises for beginners to practice with this bike. Biking is the only exercise but there are different speed and different levels for us to conquer. With this machine, all members in our family can do gym exercises.


There are many tips for you and you should take more notice when you have a test for this bike. I believe that the information above will be useful for you when it comes to buying a recumbent bike.

Benefits When Using A Recumbent Exercise Bike

In doing gym exercises, there are a large number of machines that can help you to increase your elasticity and improve your health conditions. Almost all the beginners have to work with machines for legs regardless of their different purposes. There are two types of machines for leg practicing but the recumbent bike seems to gain more advantages over the other type.

In my home gym room, I also buy this machine as I like all its designs and features. In this article, I will tell you more about this special bike and its benefits so that you can decide whether you should buy it or not.

Introduction For Recumbent Bike

First and foremost, I will introduce to you the structure and the differences between a recumbent bike and an upright bike. In general, these two machines all help people force their legs work harder. The machines help to reduce the extra fat in people’s thighs and generate more sweat. When we work with the machines, our bodies still produce sweat on the grounds that we have to make every effort to push the legs.

  • Structure Of These Exercise Bikes

The recumbent bike has a very large seat and a reclining pad so that we can take a rest while the upright bike has not reclining paddings. We will have to force our backs to stay straight in order to keep our spines in the right forms. In the past, people have to keep patient to finish 30 minutes working with an upright bike but they often have pain in their back.

With a recumbent bike, we can recline during pedaling. When we keep our back straight, we often find it difficult to breathe comfortably. However, if we recline, we will breathe more easily and our breathing rhythm is stable.

  • Some Differences

These two types of exercise bikes have several differences. The recumbent bike allows people to have natural reclining position. We can reduce more fatigue. This is the most special point of this bike.

The upright bike requires people to make more effort but gives less comfort to them. In addition to this, the upright bike is like a traditional bike so people can have aches and pains when they bike. The saddle of this bike is hard so we often feel painful when we sit on it.

Benefits Of Using A Recumbent Bike For Exercising

As analyzing above, you can also know some advantages of using this bike. In this part, I will tell you more about this.

  • Have Lumbar Spine Easily

Thanks to the reclining seats, we can have lumbar spine when we feel tired with pedaling for too long. The recumbent bike allows our back to be lower and upper easily, which is much more convenient for those who have sensitive back bones. Some practicers often have pain in their back and they cannot work with the upright as they have to keep their chins up all the time and keep their back up straight.

  • Have Gentle Impacts On All The Joints

Practicing with recumbent bikes have a positive impact on our joints. In particular, when we help our back relax, all the bone ankles will move gradually. We need to take notice of all our back motion in order to create gentle influences.

  • Feel More Comfort With Large Seats

As mentioned above, one of the most enticing points of the recumbent bike is that it has a large seat. In comparison with the seat of upright bike, this seat is larger and creates more comfort. It does not look like the saddle of the upright bike or the traditional bicycle that generates a lot of discomfort and inconvenience.

  • Control Biking Speed Easily

In addition, practicing with a recumbent exercise bike, we will know how to control our biking speed easily on the grounds that our back relaxes to give more force to push our legs.

How To Practice With Recumbent Bike

Above, I have mentioned benefits of this bike. In this apart, I will tell you what you should notice when working with it. At the beginning, you should have quick start with no time set up in order to get used to the recumbent bike. You should bike for 20 minutes per day and you need to spend more time learning about all the modes of the machine.

After that, you should set the time counting down in order to force your bodies in a limited frame. This will help you increase your elasticity.

Bottom Line

Practicing with a recumbent bike is much more effective for those who often do leg exercises on the grounds that we will feel comfortable and there is no pain in our back like when we work with an upright bike. I think that what I share with you above will be useful for you.

Choosing The Best Exercise Bike For Workout

I know that nowadays, a lot of people want to purchase an exercise bike to help them practice and enhance their legs muscles. However, there are two common types for them to consider. Each type has attractive pros and cons so sometimes, they are confused.

I fact, a recumbent bike is regarded to gain more strong points. Today, I will help you choose a best item of this type so that you will have more effective practice time for your legs.

Choose The Brands

In fact, the buyer only focuses on the price when they buy the recumbent bikes on the grounds that their decisions are dependent much on their financial conditions. However, for a gym machine which has a direct impact on your health, you ought to pour quite lot money into buying the product of a famous and prestigious brands.

For recumbent bike, we can consider some brands such as Exerpeutic, Schwinn, Nautilus, Proform, Diamondback and Sole Fitness and so on. These brands are all reliable and they bring to our life outstanding bikes for exercising and improving our legs.

Types Of Bikes

With each brand, we can look for several product lines for recumbent bike which is suitable with different purposes. We can have some types as bellows.

Versatile exercise bike: has comfortable reclining pad and have large table in the front of the cushion seat for doing other things when practicing such as playing games on the laptop.

Full – body bike: requires all our bodies to work when we bike

Semi – pro bike for home: the ventilation for the back seat is great, helping to release much more sweat

Consider All The Factors

In terms of buying a recumbent bike, you should remember to consider some factors as follows in order to find out the best one for your home

  • Outstanding Features

The recumbent bike has a wide variety of levels for preset resistance: 8 -16 levels. You can bike like you are biking up the slope as this bike mimics the design of practical roads.

There are 17 preset programs which consists of console display and control board to control our heart rate, biking speed and the calory amount that is consumed.

Some modern types of recumbent bikes have extra – wide seat that creates more comfort for our buttocks. The pedals of the bike have ergonomic design which has guard for our feet.

  • Main Parts Of The Structure

There are some structural parts you should test. They are the mesh for ventilation, cushion material, holder, transport wheels, the seat to crank angle to maximize the comfort, the crank width, control board and the position seat rotation. You need to test these parts in order to give the right appraisal for the recumbent bike you are about to purchase.

In this way, you will show that you are a smart customer and you will not be tricked by the bad sellers. Remember that if you do not test the bike, you will not be sure about its quality and durability.

  • Specifications

When buying this product, you can skim and scan some main specifications of this product. For example, you should check out al the levels for resistance. Some recumbent bikes have 8 levels while some more modern ones have 16 levels.

The reading rack of the recumbent bike has retractable design which increase the convenience for us when using. In addition, you should check out for the fan integrated and the holder for water bottles.

  • The Price

You can absolutely buy one recumbent bike with only $200. You can have more exercises for years and you will improve your health and get fit with very low price. I believe that at this price, you can afford one item for your family gym room.

These are some features and specifications of a recumbent bike that you should take notice of. If you spend some minutes to learn about this, you will find it easier when choosing to buy a recumbent exercise bike.

Bottom Line

It is interesting to have a recumbent bike and you also have more relaxation when you work with it. I believe that the tips shared in this article will be useful for you. If you have any question, you can contact us anytime.

What To Avoid When Working With Gym Machines

Gym is now too famous to people that a kid can still make sense of what gym means. The number of people going with gym, regardless of ages have been increased up to the present on the grounds that they find out so many advantages that help them improve their health. However, just some people get the best result after they practice. The reason is that they do not do gym exercises properly and they do not use the gym machines right.

Therefore, today, I will provide you with full of information about what you have to follow and what you have to avoid when you come to the gym room.

While practicing with gym, a lot of people make mistakes and these mistakes are repeated in the followers. It seems to us that almost all of them forget about those mistakes and still make it accidentally or incidentally. In this part, I will tell you what you have to avoid.

Lose Your Effort

Have you ever looked at yourselves and thought about your practice process to assess whether you have tried your best. If you set up your goal but you do not think much about it, you will lose your concentration while you are practicing and you will not make every effort for every workout.

  • Due To Tiredness

Sometimes, you feel tired as you have run for 30 minutes but that is not enough to change your health better. At that time, you give up and that moment gives you the worst results that you can hardly imagine.

To provoke your muscles, you have to try your best during all the time you set up before. You have to run and work with the machine until the effort you make has enough influence on your bodies.

  • Form Bad Habits

In addition to this, when you do not finish your workout, your brain will form the bad neuron that will allows you to fail and give up whenever you want. That is a reason that causes to your failure.

  • Don’t Lose Your Effort

In practicing gym, the minutes you spend on practicing with each gym machine will decide what you gain in the future. Therefore, you ought to do every utmost for every exercise you do.

Over – Workout

On contrary to the lack of effort during practicing, a lot of people, particularly obese people often work too much. They do gym exercises for hours without having any break. However, in gym, practicing continuously like this is not effective on the grounds that it consumes too much energy of your bodies and you will not have enough energy for your daily activities.

You should know that, when you practice with gym machine, you should not run out of your calories. For each gym machine, you are allowed to practice for 30 minutes without relaxing and then you must have a break.

If you do exercises for too long, your bodies will be tired and you will get no result, but your weaker health. Keep practicing is good but you have to practice in a proper way with the following of the trainers.

Eat Too Much Or Eat Nothing

Almost all people who want to lose weight do not eat anything after practicing even though they feel very hungry. They forget about the meals in order to lose weight more quickly. In fact, they can lose some weight but they are not healthy. Their bodies are getting weaker and weaker on the grounds that their bodies lack the nutrients required.

In addition, some people eat too much after practicing as they feel hungry and they have consumed a lot of calories. Nevertheless, they will gain weight quickly but their bodies are not in good shapes because they do not know what they should supply for their bodies.

Therefore, for each individual, the diet for health is different even though they have similar goals. Some people can gain weight effectively while some others are still thin though they practice very hard.

Lack Of Relaxation

After practicing, you should have relaxing moment in order that your bodies will get more energies. Especially, for thin people, they should have more break so that they can feel more comfortable. This will help the digest system work more effectively.


It cannot be denied that gym has a strong impact on people’s health, mainly positive impacts. Nonetheless, if you do not understand all the principles in gym, you will have to deal with a lot of troubles when you practice. Severely, you may have accidents. Therefore, in addition to doing exercises and working with gym machines, you should listen to the advices and instructions of the trainers very carefully in order to avoid the bad habits of almost all the practicers. I hope that the information above will be very useful for you when you start with gym exercises.

Get The Best Results With Gym

We all know that practicing with gym machines are very effective in getting fit and enhancing our health. However, it also cannot escape from the principle 80/ 20. It means that only 20 percent of “gym-ers” feel satisfied with their body improvement while 80 percent continue practicing with the trivial changes and they still make every effort in a wrong way.

Even though gym is beneficial but not all people can conquer this kind of exercises. Therefore, today, I will give you steps to help you have the most satisfactory results with gym.

Step 1: Asks For Trainers’ Instructions And Advices

In every gym club, it is very easy to get advices from gym trainers. They are all friendly and social. However, they will not focus on you when you are reserved and shy to ask them. In a club, there are tens of practicers and almost all of them need the trainers’ help even though they are acquainted with gym machines and exercises.

However, sometimes, their body forms are not bettered. At that time, they should have the trainers’ advices and guides. For beginners, don’t by shy. For the first stage, you have to get used to gym machines and gym exercises. You also need to force yourselves into a harsh circle of practicing. This is quite difficult and you will feel tired for some first days. You need to ask the trainers about how to practice, what machine you have to focus on and so on.

In addition, each individual has different practicing exercise because their purposes are different. Therefore, the trainers will give different advices. Remember that you has to be confident to ask the trainer about what you have to do.

Step 2: Have Before – Gym And After – Gym Exercises

  • Before Gym

You will have to spend at least 10 – 15 minutes with each gym machine, especially for running machines. For obese people, they have to spend hours with those machines. If your do not have before – gym exercises, your muscles will be stretched and you will feel tired. Therefore, don’t forget to do some exercises to stretch your thigh muscles and your bodies to prepare for hours with gym.

  • After Gym

In addition, after you practice with gym machines, a lot of sweat is generated and your heart rate is increasing. You should not stop here on the grounds that it will make your bodies change suddenly. You should make your heart rate decrease gradually by practicing slowly and slowly until you stop. And you need to have some relaxing exercises after practicing. This will help you control your heart rate and breathing and you will feel less tired after that.

Step 3: Practice And Feel Comfortable

During practice, you need to focus on all the exercises and you should feel comfortable. For reaching your goal, you have to feel optimistic all the time. If you practice with negative attitude, you will not get the best results as you want. In addition, when you are in the bad mood, you cannot concentrate on gym exercises.

Hence, when you practice with gym machines, it is better to listen to the music and feel it. You will feel more comfortable and optimistic. Your bodies also relax when you enjoy the music being played.

Step 4: Focus On Physical Exercises

To get the best results, you must focus on the main exercises. For the first stage of gym, you have to increase your elasticity. Almost all people cannot stand a hard practicing timeline as they cannot practice for so long. Therefore, they need to build up their elasticity first.

Then, after about 15 – 20 days, they can force themselves into a difficult and long practicing schedule. Some people have to do gym exercises and work with gym machines for hours. For each machine, they have to spend 30 minutes – 1 hour.

For almost all people, they have to concentrate on gym machines which have strong impact on their thighs and heart rate. These machines will make them tired soon. After that, they have to calm their bodies gradually as mentioned above.

Step 5: Have A Suitable Diet

With gym practice, everyone should build up their own diet. If you do not understand about the nutrient and diet, you need to ask the trainers. They will give you instructions to change the meals every day so that you absorb all the nutrients necessary and feel the food delicious.


Practicing with gym is only effective for those who follow the instructions of the trainers and try their best in every gym exercise. The most important thing is how to practice and how you keep your diet suitable. These are the two most significant points for every “gym – er”. If you still ignore one or both these factors, your practice will not come up to your expectations.

Gym Benefits And Suitable Ages For Gym

The word “gym” is now too famous to people’s life and it is becoming more and more common in our daily conversation on the grounds that there are more people intending to take a gym course. We also understand the main benefits of gym: getting fit and improving health. The young girls and boys also practice gym so as to become perfect.

However, a lot of people still worry that gym will prevent them from improving their height. To some extents, this is true. However, today, I will provide you with full of information about gym benefit and ages suitable for gym.

Gym Benefits

For those who do not practice gym, they can still speak out how gym benefits people. However, they only know about the benefits they can see with their naked eyes. They do not know about the hidden great advantages that people can get. For women and men, the benefits are different. In this part, I will provide you with more details about this.

  • Gym For Men

Obviously, gym helps our men become more vigorous. With the instructions of the trainers in every gym room and the support of gym machines, our men are getting muscular. That is the final target of almost all men when they decide to come to the gym room.

For some people, they need to lose weight, they will have to practice with almost all the machines and weights continuously. Their bodies will work every day at high intense, which makes them reduce the extra fat in their bodies. Of course, they must have a suitable diet for those who want to lose weight.

However, some men want to gain weight. Practicing with gym machines decides 50 percent of their success. The rest is dependent on their diet. Of course, they can combine their diet with exercises every morning. However, with gym, they have detailed guides and dedicated accompany from trainers to give them advices when necessary.

All in all, our men will be able to lose or gain weight and become vigorous with more muscles in their bodies. They will remove all the unnecessary fat and build up their muscles.

  • Gym For Women

For women, gym gives similar benefits. However, gym exercises for women are not as hard as exercises for men on the grounds that women’s elasticity is not good. Almost all female gym practicers hope to get fit and have perfect bodies of S – line. Exercising in the morning can help you improve your health but takes a long time to help you get fit. However, your body forms can be formed after only one or two months. Here are some general benefits from gym for women.

Strengthen Their Bodies And Build Up Muscles In Thighs, Stomachs And Arms

  • Reduce risks of diseases a such as high blood pressure, obesity and diseases related to bones
  • Become vigorous and have a better mood
  • Get fit and sexy bodies to attract other people
  • Have better sleep and have better sexual life
  • Increase the elasticity and patience
  • Protect cells and ankles
  • Help control the amount of cholesterol and balance the blood pressure
  • Maintain the suitable weight and height
  • Become more confident about your appearance and your ability inside

These are some general benefits of gym for women and also for men. Come back to the first problem mentioned in the opening. Some people think that gym prevents them from increasing their height. Here, we can claim that is a wrong perspective about gym.

If the practicers have right instructions and follow all the instructions of the trainer, they will be able to reach their goal and maintain their height or increase it if they are in the age of developing physically. However, if they abuse practicing with weights only and forget about practicing with machines, they will prevent themselves from becoming taller.

Suitable Ages For Gym

In general, your age is not a factor that decides whether you can practice gym or not. This depends mainly on your physical health and your body conditions. There are a lot of children practicing gym every day and they can provoke the development of their bodies when they are just 12 – 14 years old.

However, some others who are over 50 years old still practice regularly. They also become healthier. Therefore, your age does not decide too much. However, you should follow these steps before and during gym.

Have Advices From The Trainer

Even though you are not a member of the gym club, you can still ask the advices from the trainers as a customer. The trainer will help you measure your assizes, height, weight and blood pressure to figure out whether you can practice or not and also tell you how you should practice to gain the best results.

Understand what you have to do and what you will gain

Almost all people focus on what they will gain but do not know what they have to do during the practice time. They just practice with all the machines but the time for each machine is not suitable. That is why they practice for years without any better results.

Bottom Line

We cannot deny the greate benefits that gym practicers gain every day. Thanks to this, a lot of people buy gym machines home for more convenient practice. In addition, they also have a chance to keep healthy. This is just some first information you should know about gym. In the next article, I will tell you more details.

Best Tips For Build A Gym Room In Your House

Do you want your bodies get fitter? Do you want to enhance your bodies? Do you not have much time for coming to the gym club? These are the most common questions for those who want to do exercises but are too busy with work. These days, a lot of people proactively purchase gym machines for their houses so that they can do exercises effectively and they can save more time.

I also build up a gym room for my home so that my family members can practice with the machines every day. In this article, I will give you tips for building a home gym room.

Equip With Gym Machines

When it comes to building a gym room, people often think about gym machines and this is an irritating problem for all people. There are a lot of machines for gym practicing but you should depend on your goals and your requirements.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you will focus on buying gym machine which have strong impacts on their stomachs and legs. However, for those who want to perfect their forms, they ought to choose the machines impacting their chest, waists and hips. Here are some machines you can choose to buy.

  • Total Body Workout

This machine is helpful for our whole body. If we practice with it, all our arms and legs will have to work hard. The machine works when we use our arms to pull the wire with heavy weight. Our bodies stay straight and we will fold our stomach muscles.

The total gym machine helps to tighten our waists, build up arm muscles and stretch our legs. With this machine, we can have over 50 exercises to work with. It is effective for both thin and obese people.

  • Body boss Gym Machine

This machine looks very simple. It is a base for us to stand on. The machine is low and you have to stand in squat position and use your shoulders to raise the strong bar highly.

You can finish your workout with more exercises on this machine. With this machine, you can put more impacts in your thighs and hips. You can better your S – line very quickly if you work with it 30 minutes every day.

  • Exerpeutic Workfit Treadmill

This is a machine for walking and running. It has long handles which allow you to put more accessories on it. Or you can use laptop when you practice with this machine. This machine has time setting and speed setting so that you can force yourselves in running cycle. With the time set, you will work more effectively that letting the time free.

  • Weights

Of course, weights are the indispensable equipment for a gym room. All the “gymers” need to practice with weights in order to strengthen their arm muscles.

  • Some Accessories

In practicing, you should have some supporting accessories. For example, for practicing with weights, you need adjustable ankle weights in order to prevent injuries in your joints and ankles.

You also need suspension strap kit if you want to stretch your muscles. You can also tie your bodies with some straps to keep your bodies fit.

Sound Produce System

In every gym club, the sound system is very great. While practicing, all the practicers have to keep their good mood and they have to feel comfortable. Therefore, sound system is equipped to play music in order to stimulate all people to practice.

If you have a gym room at home, you should equip the room with a sound producing system. You only have to buy two speakers. You can play the music from your mobile phone or your laptop. You will have more inspiration when you do gym exercises.

Bottom Line

It is obvious that having a gym room at home is very convenient on the grounds that you can take advantage of your free time to practice. You can also control your timetable more effectively. With full of equipment, including gym machines and sound system, you will have a perfect gym room for your home. I believe that the information above will help you a lot if you are about to build a gym room for yourselves.